Co-Founder and Curatorial Director, TRANSFER

In our first year TRANSFER hosted ten solo exhibitions, over a dozen events and activated an international community of supporters. We traveled to international art fairs to further the exposure of artists working to address networked culture, and worked in collaboration with artists to support acquisition and preservation of their work in new formats and with new modes of presentation. The curatorial vision of TRANSFER is to activate our walls by supporting emerging techniques across media, agnostic of form but focused around a humanistic encounter with contemporary networked culture.

Bespoke design solutions are my specialty.

Research + Strategy

I've crafted product strategies around the needs of real people, discovered through integrated research programs across contexts – from the exhibition space, to the workplace, to the point of sale and everywhere in between.

User-centered Design

Facilitation of collaborative design among diverse groups of stakeholders and experts is key to my practice. Through a design studio approach I have helped create alignment and breakthrough product vision for over a dozen client partners.

Agile Product Development

Well versed in the ins-and-outs of design teams, I've integrated into workflows of agile development teams of all shapes and sizes. My expertise extends from paired prototyping to integrated lean UX research programs.