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I'm a design strategist and exhibition maker based in NYC. I work as a consultant for agile product teams and startups, and run TRANSFER.

I also direct The Current, a cooperative collection of contemporary art that examines technology's impact on the human condition.


The Current is a non-profit collecting museum supported by the next generation of contemporary art patrons.

Members of our cooperative collection committee attend our salons to receive details on the works we are considering for The Current’s collection, and have a vote on which works are collected. Our committee members also have special access to enjoy the artworks in the museum’s collection.

The Current's cooperative collections committee is open to anyone, you can register online.



TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between networked studio practice and its physical instantiation.

The curatorial vision of TRANSFER is to support emerging techniques across media, agnostic of form but focused around a humanistic encounter with networked culture.

TRANSFER was founded in March 2013 to support artists with solo exhibitions and experimenting with new formats for installation. In 2016 the programming shifted to focus on solo shows from women refiguring technology, and expanded with more international exhibitions, pop-ups and art fairs. In under five years TRANSFER has produced over 50 exhibitions in NYC and abroad, and gained acclaim from the press.

In our 5th year, TRANSFER is expanding support of new formats such as VR and opening our space in Brooklyn to curators with new perspectives.


TRANSFER Download: Santa Fe (2018), Shanghai (2017), Basel (2017), NYC (2016), and San Fransisco (2016)

Salon #2 – The Current // Permanence with Ben Fino-Radin

Internet Age Media Speaker 'Subversion of Paradoxes', Barcelona 2018

Salon #1 – The Current // Identity with Nora Khan

Interview with The Creative Independent

Videotage Hong Kong 'Experiments in Distribution' panel discussion with Empty Gallery and MetaObjects

VR Commission 'The Flower Matrix' from Claudia Hart at Wallplay in NYC, 2017

Interview with Independent Collectors

VR Commission 'Border Crossing BETA: 3.0' from Alfredo Salazar-Caro at 1 Mes, 1 Artista in Mexico City, 2017

NADA New York: 2018, 2017 & 2016

Moving Image Art Fair: 2017, 2016, 2015 (NYC & Istanbul), 2014 (NYC & Istanbul), 2013

Times Square Midnight Moment – Lorna Mills 'Mountain: Light/Time', 2016

VOLTA Salons ‘Art and the Cloud: Collecting and Investing in Digital Art’, Panel Discussion with Paddy Johnson of ArtFCity, 2015

HYPERSALON, Salon style exhibition during ArtBasel Miami Beach, 2014

Precarious Inhabitants by Eva Papamargariti Claudia Maté 'Sweet Finances' title= Joshua Caleb Weibley 'Cruft' 'Ways of Something' compiled by Lorna Mills Rick Silva 'En Plein Air'


I am a design strategist with 12 years of experience working with clients and collaborators to create useful, useable and enjoyable digital products. My core skill set includes agile enterprise coaching, strategic planning, workshop facilitation, generative design research, content strategy, information architecture, and user experience design.

I have worked with agency partners like TNSD, Big Spaceship, ustwo, and Happy Cog serving clients in telecommunications, consumer goods, finance, education, publishing and non-profit sectors including Bloomberg, Comcast, AT&T, Chobani, Nintendo, American Express, Harvard, Hearst Publishing, Reporter’s Committee for the Freedom of the Press, AARP, and The Academy of Natural Sciences.

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